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I am a very lucky Mum to two beautiful daughters, known here as Moomin and Gremlin. My second gorgeous girl, Gremlin (above), has PKU (Phenylketonuria) and has introduced us to a whole new world! This blog is intended to record our journey with regards it, particularly focusing on food and eating.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

18 months and new challenges

Long time no post. Gremlin is now 18 months!

I haven't deliberately been quiet, but just not really had much to say. Our PKU journey continues, and I am pleased to report I have had some days where it is all just second nature and not too much bother at all, with just a little planning. I can really see how far we've come.

We do have 2 new challenges now however. Firstly is Gremlin's growing self awareness and realisation that she has her own thoughts and opinions. She is a very 'purposeful' soul (to quote Grandadmin) and knows what she wants and woe betide you if you try to feed her something she doesn't want. She finds it very difficult to calm down out of a temper and this can completely ruin a meal. Secondly is her growing sociability and keenness to eat what everyone else is having, and curtailing other people giving her things which she cannot eat without, whilst trying hard not to make too big a deal of PKU all the time for her.

I'm not really sure whether we're doing it right, but we are muddling through as best we can. I am very lucky to have some wonderful friends and family who are determined to include Gremlin, and provide food for her which is suitable with no fuss whatsoever. I am very much looking forward to Easter Sunday when Nanamin will give Gremlin a PKU Easter Egg which she has made for her, completely of her own volition.

Happy Easter Everyone.

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